Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January newsletter

The January meeting was held on Jan. 21. Dorothy Quinlin reported
that we made a profit on the Christmas dinners. Members who would
like particulars can contact Dorothy.

Members have been busy removing the Christmas decorations at
the museum. A big wind blew down some of the wreaths on the front
of the country store and something else will have to be done next year.
The wreaths were hung with suction cups that couldn't withstand the
high wind. Anyone interested in helping with next years dinners can
contact one of the board members. You don't have to be a member to
help out.

Congratulations to member Don Gusching who was elected to the
village council.

Tom Busse has been doing a lot of painting in the museum and it is
looking very nice.

Speaking of members, dues are $10. The annual dinner is scheduled
for April 18th. A letter will go out to members later on.

Many of you might remember the historical sign on 66 north of town
beside the Fleckenstein farm. It was knocked over and before anything
could be done about it it disappeared. If anyone knows what became
of it please let someone from the Historical Association know.

Rosemary Brussel - president - 937-295-2863
Alice Barhorst - vice president - 937-295-3553
Sheila Quinlin - secretary
Dorothy Quinlin - treasurer - 937-295-2659
Jim Rosengarten - curator - 937-295-3998

Missing highway sign

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meeting announcement

The January meeting of the Historical Association will be held Thursday, January 21 at 7:30 at the Wilderness Trail Museum in Ft. Loramie on the corner of Main and Elm. We usually meet in the music room or back in the country store. It will be mainly a business meeting but everyone is welcome to attend.