Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Minster Post, July 1931

The name Ft. Loramie" will be painted on the roof of St. Michael's Church in response to a request from state authorities who are looking after the conveniences of air travelers. (I can't imagine anybody going along with this)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More foreign origins

Imholt - Hannover
Inderrieden - Oldenburg
Jacob - Reichmannshaufen, Bavaria
Jardot - France
Kaiser - Herzbruck
Katterheinrich - Ladbergen, Westfalen
Kellermeyer - Minden, Prussia
Kemper - Alfhausen, Hannover
Kessler - Unter-Elsass
Kettler - Hannover
Kirsch - Kurhessen
Kloeker - Oldenburg
Knob - Hessen
Knuefner - Hannover
Kohler - Wurtemburg
Kohlhorst - Holzhausen, Hannover
Korte - Neuenkirchen-Vorden, Oldenburg
Koverman - Osnabruck, Hannover
Krug - Baiern (Bavaria)
Kruse - Elsass
Kuhlman - Ankum, Hannover

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Monday, July 19, 2010

July Newsletter

The July meeting was held in the barroom since that is where the new
air conditioner donated by Jim and Jean Rosengarten is set up. It is
portable so it can be put in any room with a normal double hung window.
The ancient heater-air conditioners in the music room no longer work.

Esther Borchers graced us with her presence this month and it's always
nice to see her.

We have two new board members and a meeting of the board will be held
in August. The board consists of the officers and 4 others. Officers are:
Rosemary Brussell - president, Alice Barhorst - vice-president, Sheila
Quinlin - secretary, Dorothy Quinlin - treasurer. Board members are Laura
Paulus, Karen Anthony, Tom Busse, and Don Gusching.

The painting of the roof was discussed and after some searching Jim
Rosengarten has acquired a bid for the job. Painting roofs seems to be a
dying art.

2012 will be Ft. Loramie's 175th anniversary and we discussed the
possibility of either writing a new history book for the occasion or adding
to the very successful Sesquecentennial book of 25 years ago.

We are looking forward to Rita Hoying's genealogy workshop on August 8
at 2 pm. If you want to know how to start your family tree or would like
information about your ancestors please come. It's FREE.

The menu for the Christmas dinners was agreed to. I know it's the dead
of summer but we need to start thinking about these things. If you have
never attended the dinner before you should consider coming this year.
You can make a reservation or get information by calling Dorothy Quinlin
at 937-295-2659. We will need volunteers for decorating the museum and
helping with the dinners.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Genealogy Workshop

The Ft. Loramie Historical Association has invited noted historian, Rita Hoying to host a free workshop on German genealogy at the museum August 8, at 2 pm. Rita has been doing research all her life and knows more than anyone about the origins of local families. She will give a talk on why our ancestors left Germany and how they got here.
There will be charts, forms and lists of resources available. Come and find out how to trace your ancestors.
The museum is on the corner of Main and Elm Streets in Ft. Loramie.


Channel 22/45 did a very nice report on Ft. Loramie this week. They interviewed Jim Rosengarten in the museum and mentioned the championship baseball team and the new restaurant. Several residents were invited to go in front of the camera and tell why they like Ft. Loramie.

Jim and Jean Rosengarten donated a portable air conditioner to the museum. It will be much appreciated in the hot days of summer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Channel 22/45 in Dayton are showcasing Ft. Loramie during the week of July 5. Jim Rosengarten was interviewed at the museum and apparently they interviewed some businesses in town. Jim's interview is supposed to be shown on their news programs Monday, July 5th but they will probably run it other days too.

The Waynesfield Lions Club found some seats from the old interurban railway that used to run through Ft. Loramie and donated them to the Auglaize Historical Society who donated one of them to us.