Thursday, August 21, 2014

It happened in August

In 1912 Willman's Department Store was destroyed by fire . They leased temporary quarters in the Techlenburg Hotel for groceries and in the Knights of St. John Hall for dry goods. A new store opened in November 1913.

In 1931 Bertha Larger established a beauty parlor in Mrs. Clara Hasebrook's residence.

In 1934 concrete was being poured for the new spillway at the lake.

In 1936 an oil well was being drilled on the Ben Zircher farm near Newport.

In 1943 a storm dropped between 4 and 6 inches of rain on the area filling basements and destroying some crops. It was said to be the worst flooding since the 1913 flood.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lake event photo

June updates

The weather was perfect for Liberty Days on July 4th and 5th. Besides the usual games, rides and events, Ken Sowards read the Declaration of Independance and Maddie Geise sang the National Anthem.

The joint event at the lake by Fort Loramie Historical, Minster Historical and the Lake Heritage Museum was a huge success. Around 50 people sat down to the program MC'd by Bob Lammers. 85 visitors took advantage of the free pontoon boat rides. Irene Doenges played the keyboard and there was a lot of interest in the artifacts and photos. See pictures on our Facebook page.

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum will be shutting down. The building is ancient and the plumbing has deteriorated. The state doesn't deem it worth fixing and if there isn't a working bathroom visitors can't be allowed in.

There are plans to rebuild the spillway at the lake next year. You can find information here:

They don't mention that the original dam was made of wood and was replaced in the 30's with the current dam.

Plans to re-landscape canal park and install a gazebo have been postponed until next year due to this year's unusually wet weather.

German Heritage Days will be held  Sept. 19 & 20 in the canal park. If you would like to help out by sitting at the history tent contact me. Usually 2 people at a time are necessary and you can sign up for just an hour or 2 if you want. All you have to do is sell books and you won't be alone.. Saturday afternoon is usually the busiest time. Music, good food and beer are available.

A member of the country group, Florida Georgia Line, put a camera on his motorcycle and made this music video riding through the concert grounds and the village.

We got a message from Marge Jones.

Thank you so much for remembering and honoring my dad, Albert, and Uncle Karl.  They just don't make those kind of folks anymore.  We miss them terribly,  along with Aunt Elsie Van Oss who died just two weeks before Dad.  Each of them loved their family, Ft. Loramie and preserving its history.

Greenville Treaty event

Sept. 28 at 1 pm a ceremony will be held commemorating the Greenville Treaty Line and Sycamore Tree Dedication. The event will be in the elementary school at 35 Elm St.

Speakers will be

Ken Sowards on the impact the treaty had on our nation

Dr. Steven Littleton on Native American History before the treaty

Greg Shipley on the archaological discoveries on the Fleckenstein Farm 

James Williams on surveyor, Israel Ludlow.

Immediately following, the celebration will move to the Gigandet Farm at 2770 SR 705, the point where the line was marked by a sycamore tree in 1796. The line marked the division between the tribal lands to the north and the settlers to the south.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

                            HAPPY FOURTH of JULY

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Outdoor Adventures at Lake Loramie

This joint event by Fort Loramie Historical, Minster Historical Society and Lake Loramie Heritage will be held July 12 from 1 to 5 at Earl's Island Pavilion. Annual free pontoon boat rides will be a part of this event. Also a display of lake related artifacts, old photos, a slide show and music by Irene Doenges.

At 3:30 there will be a special program, "Lake Stories and Tall Tales". Master of Ceremony will be Bob Lammers. Come and share your own experiences.


The Main Street Book has been reprinted in paperback and is available at the museum or the Silver Cross. 

Our ancient kitchen faucets have been replaced by Jim Rosengarten with some help from Don Gusching. Tom Busse has been painting and repairing. It's so nice to have people who know how to do things like this.

The ceremony to place the monument to commemorate the Greenville Treaty Line will be held in September. The date still isn't set.

Books for sale

 Follow the Blue Blazes, by Robert Pond is a guide to hiking Ohio's Buckeye Trail. He lays out the chapters by areas of the state with featured hikes and maps.  He also has advice on safety, packing and local contacts. Everything you need to know. The blue blazes are markings on trees that show the way.

Louis Lorimier in the American Revolution, 1777-1782, introduction, translation and commentary by Paul L. Stevens. The memoirs of Peter Loramie, French-Canadian trader for whom Ft. Loramie is named.

Annals of St. Michaels, by Rev. Wilhelm Bigot who was pastor here between 1874 and 1905. He built the current church and was very interested in local history. This is from his writings which were done in German in 1903 and translated  by Pauline Ernst Seger in 1976. There is a description of the building of the church and who donated what. Also a lot on village businesses of the time.

Turp and Eb, by Albert Freytag consists of his memories and those of his friend Turp (Urban) Raterman. It's all about their youthful experiences in and around Ft. Loramie and the people they knew.


Fort Loramie Liberty Days July 4th and 5th. Rides, food and fireworks.

The Chamber of Commerce is offering gift certificates that are redeemable at participating chamber businesses. Call 937-295-3813.

Don't forget the Farmers Market held every Friday 3-7 until the end of September in the canal park. They have a Facebook page.

The Country Concert will be held July 10, 11, and 12 in Newport. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kroger's Rewards program

If you are signed up for Kroger's Rewards program it's time to sign up again. We have 20 people now and we have received donations from Krogers. All you need is a rewards card, an internet connection and an email address. You don't have to have a computer. You can get a relative to sign you up for an email address. This is for the Cincinnati region. if you live elsewhere you can't help us.

We are registered with Kroger's as Fort Loramie Historical Association Inc. #83201. If you need help contact Jim Rosengarten at 937-295-3998.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lake photo

Annual meeting

The annual meeting was held in the museum May 15. A memorial service was held for recently deceased members, Karl and Albert Freytag, Norman Paulus and Kathryn Wise Highley.   Refreshments were served after the meeting and an enjoyable discussion followed. We will do this every year and if enough people come we would like to have a speaker.

Tom and Jan Busse have donated 16 new chairs to be used for the Christmas dinners.

The Wilderness Trail Museum will be open Sunday afternoons from 1-4 starting June 1. We have 10 rooms of artifacts and photos from the wars, native Americans, the pioneers and immigrants. We have materials for genealogy research. Admission is free so stop in and visit.

 The trees along Main St. In Canal Park were cut down recently. It was necessary because they were ash and the ash borer has been a problem for several years. Canal Park will be re-landscaped and a gazebo will be built. It is hoped it will be finished by German Heritage Days in the fall.

Don't forget the Farmers Market in Canal Park in Ft. Loramie, Fridays, 3-7, May 9-Sept. 26, For information call 937-295-2907.

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum is open Saturdays 1-3. It's in the old park office across the road from the swimming beach. Visit and see artifacts and pictures related to the various landings on the lake.

 On Saturday, July 12, spend an afternoon at Earl's Island Pavilion on Rt. 362 across from the trailer park. There will be historical displays, old photos of the lake, live music, free narrated pontoon rides and a special story-telling time starting at 3:30. Come in and share your tale about fishing, hunting, boating and camping at the lake. The program is sponsored by Lake Loramie Heritage, Ft. Loramie Historical Association and the Minster Historical Society. Hours 12-4

The museum in Minster is open 10-2 Tues. and 1-3 Sun. This year they will have a walking tour of 4th St. , a tour of the cemetery and a round table discussion about working at Minster Machine. Contact info. on the link page.