Saturday, February 23, 2013


Looking South on Main St. last summer.

February Newsletter

The February meeting was a busy one with much to discuss. We received $2,000 in donations recently. We appreciate the support of the community. It shows that you take the preservation of your history seriously. Albert Freytag gave us a large photo of the fire department taken in the 1890's

We have sold about 415 copies of Ft. Loramie, Main St. and Beyond. If you don't have your copy yet they are still available at the Silver Cross in Ft. Loramie and by contacting a member.

Last Christmas just before the dinners the big three-piece mirror in the dress shop fell over and 2 of the mirrors broke. It was hurriedly taken apart and moved to the barn and there it has laid since then. Dorothy Quinlin, who was nearly a victim of the disaster, is working on getting it repaired. We would like to return it to its rightful place and anchor it to the wall so it doesn't fall again.

Tom Busse has been painting the window frames upstairs and the shelves in the doll room. The fancy drapes and swags in the formal rooms upstairs have been there for nearly 40 years and are showing their age. If you are someone who enjoys sewing something like that and might like to donate your time and possibly the fabric to design and make new ones contact Tom Busse at 937-295-2519.

The shingles on one of the roofs are falling like leaves and will soon be replaced. An old building needs constant maintenance.

We have ideas for new displays. Something will be done to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the March 1913 flood. There will be a display of old cookbooks in the country store.

We need to hold more events particularly for the school children. One idea is an art contest coordinating with the art teachers and using Ft. Loramie as the subject. If you have any other ideas for displays or events contact one of us. Fund-raising ideas would also be welcome. We would like more people to become involved. If you are recently retired and are looking for something to get involved in we can always use help.

As usual we will be open this summer on Sundays from 1-4 in June, July and August.

The dues are $10 a year. Contact Sheila Quinlin at 937-295-4019.