Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brucken's photo

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We would like to compile a list of farms in McLean Twp. that have been in the same family for at least 100 years. If you know of any let us know.

Still looking for information on the families that came from Dinklage, Germany. There is quite a lot on Bornhorsts, Hilgeforts and Segers. If you know anything about Barlage, Bramlage, Grieshop, Prenger, or Sextro email me at or call 419-628-2481. Some of these families were in Auglaize or Mercer Counties. Families that could have been here from Dinklage are Middendorf, Nietfeld, Kalvelage, Nuxholl, Kenkel.

Also looking for information on the one-room schools in McLean Twp. Schools were Dieters, Dirksen, Sherman and Walkup. Schools outside of McLean whose pupils went to Ft. Loramie School after they closed are, Shorts, Hopewell and St. Patricks. Do you have any class pictures we can copy? Or was there ever a reunion?

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum will be open every Saturday from 1-4 starting April 30. For information on events call Ray Fiessinger at 937-295-3029.

There will be a FREE German genealogy program at the Amos Memorial Library on May 21. No registration necessary. Call 937-492-8354. or check out the website at

Visit your local museums and while you're there remember to leave a donation even if it's only a dollar.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stove photo

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I ran across this in the "History of St. Patrick's Parish" Book. In 1937 there were 5 sets of twins in the school there out of about 70 students. Dorothy & Dolores Bensman, Alfrieda & Alfred Hoying, Rita & Ruth Luthman, Donald & Dorothy Wehrman, and Rose Mary & Rosalinda Westerheide.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Newsletter

The annual dinner for members was held April 3 in the museum. The speaker was James Anthony, Ft. Loramie resident and recent member of the adjunct faculty at Edison Community College. He talked about the 4 glacial advances of the last ice age that formed the topography of our area. He explained that the Anna earthquake fault was created 600 million years ago. He told of the New Madrid quake in the Missouri area 200 years ago that was so strong it made the church bells ring in Boston, Massachusetts. There was little damage from it because there were few structures and people. Mr. Anthony said there will be another large quake there eventually and he also expects a catastrophic volcanic eruption somewhere in the world in the near future. For the last 100 years we have been living in a relatively peaceful time geologically.

Curator, Jim Rosengarten gave a summary of our activities in the past year. In the summer there was a typewriter display, and a genealogy program with Rita Hoying. Channel 22 did a week on Ft. Loramie and the museum. We had visits by third graders and cub scouts. We participated in German Heritage Days. And, of course, the Christmas dinners were held in December and made memorable by Jim's bread boards that he made from boards from the old school. The roof was painted and much painting, cleaning and repairing was done by Tom Busse.

We had several donations this year including a helmet from the
championship baseball team, a photo of St. Patrick's Church from Ann Berning, a portable air conditioner from the Rosengartens, a seat from the old interurban railway, a computer monitor and printer-scanner from the Jim Brussells, a cast iron stove from the Ted Barhorsts, and a monetary donation for a new furnace.

The book committee met and a few things were decided. We want
updated information on Peter Loramie and the fort that was here. Jim Rosengarten has been doing considerable research on the subject. We would like the book to stand alone and not be a continuation of the Sesquecentennial book of 25 years ago but we will add things such as information on the one-room schools, since Dirksen was the only school in the last book.

As in other years the museum will be open Sundays from 1 to 4 pm
from June 5th until August 28th. Groups can make arrangements for
tours by calling Dorothy Quinlin at 937-295-2659 or Jim Rosengarten
at 937-295-3998. Anyone desiring to do genealogy research or who
would like to get the email newsletter may call 419-628-2481 or email Donations are welcome as always since the county commissioners cannot give us any money again this year.