Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dorothy Quinlin donated this flag. It hung in the window during WWII to commemorate the 2 Quinlins who were away in the war.

March meeting

The monthly meeting was held March 15 in the museum. Jim got us up to date on the new Shelby County History Alliance which consists of Ft. Loramie, Sidney Historical, Jackson Center, Botkins and Anna.

The Sidney group will soon be setting up a display that all the museums will contribute to. Jim will be getting together some artifacts that show Ft. Loramie history. Look for it at the Ross Historical building in Sidney probably in April.

Maintenance on the building is a constant worry. The roof will need to be replaced and a gutter and spout repaired however, the mild winter has been a big help to our heating costs. The water has been turned back on in the building.

We are still looking for old photos especially of immigrant ancestors and school classes. Also need history of businesses now and then and of farms. Contact one of the officers or email the address above.

As always the museum will be open Sunday afternoons in June, July and August. Tours can be arranged and anyone can get in almost anytime to do research. Call Dorothy Quinlin 937-295-2659 or Karen Anthony 937-295-2353 or email.

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Some teachers

Some teachers at Grisez Special School that closed in 1936. They aren't in order. I got the names from a reunion they held in 1988.
D. Snow
Frank Loy - 1910-1911
Alma Gigandet - 1917-18
H.H. Short
Mr. Groff
Bernard Barhorst
Ann Sommer
Goldie Martin - 1930
Martha Remlinger
Ellen Nischwitz
Marie Freytag (Winkeljohn)

Some Hopewell Special School teachers.
Harvey Loy - 1906
Anna Jelley - 1911
Mary D. Gigandet - 1918-19
Teresa Wilkins - 1940
Robert Gigandet
Charles Echman

Some of the teachers at Basinburg Special.
John Barhorst 1903-1904
Harley Helman 1906-1907
Rosa Moorman 1910-1911
Arthur Kiefer 1914-1915
Frances Loy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Irish

Since St. Patrick's day is on March 17th I thought I would address the Irish immigrants to this area. Many Irish came here to work on the canal and moved on but some stayed. St. Patrick's and McCartyville were named for them. The children who went to St. Patrick's School were given St. Patrick's Day off in honor of the saint their school was named for.

Michael Quinlin and Bridget Ronan immigrated from Ireland. She came in 1856. They settled in McLean Twp. on a farm in the Sherman School District. Their children were, William (a pharmacist in Ft. Loramie), Mary, who married a Doorley, John, Thomas, Joseph, James, Alice, Edmund, and Emma. There may have been more. William Quinlin also served as mayor.

John Walkup was born in Ireland and married Mary Edwards in 1856. He was a farmer in Walkup School District. Children were Thomas, Joseph, Milton or Newton, Margaret and Nancy. Thomas was a physician in Ft. Loramie.

Another Irish family were the Moyers who lived in Cynthian Twp. and came from Ireland by way of Pennsylvania. These are only a few.