Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Book deadline

The deadline for the new history book project is approaching. We are still looking for stories to include. We would like to have everything in by the end of July. If you think you can't write just give us the basic details and we will write it up for you. It's free. We don't have room for family trees but if you have a business or a farm in McLean or Cynthian Twps. or photos of your immigrant ancestors and would like its history to be included contact us at the addresses at the top of this blog or call Ann Stidd at the Silver Cross or Jim Rosengarten at 937-295-3998.

Some things already prepared are the one-room schools, a memory of Ft. Loramie School in the 1960's, high school sports, the Hilgefort, Barhorst, and Puthoff farms, a memory of the 1965 tornado, Basinburg, the church statues, St. Patrick, the canal, the lake, the interurban railway, the native tribes, military casualties, Vocke distillery, Wayne Trail, Nktelco, the telephone exchange, photos of immigrant ancestors and a list of local names and where they came from.

Major parts of the book will be a section by Ken Sowards on the fort and Loramie's Store a subject on which he is an expert and a section by Jim Rosengarten on the life of Peter Loramie, a subject on which he is an expert.

June newsletter

A Girl Scout troop from Oxford OH visited the museum recently and was treated to a talk by Ken Sowards about Loramie's Store and the fort. Ken is an expert on the subject and is writing a section of the new history book.

Jim and Jean Rosengarten visited Cape Girardeau, MO for their celebration on the 200th anniversary of Peter Loramie's death. Jim connected with some other researchers. There they call him Louis Lorimier. After his store was burned here he went to Cape Girardeau and because of his experience with the natives he was made Commandant of the area by the Spanish who owned the territory at that time. A chapter on this subject by Jim Rosengarten will be included in the new history book.

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum will be holding their popular pontoon boat tours July 14th at 2 pm at the Earl's Island Pavilion. First come, first served but you won't have to wait very long. It's free but donations would be appreciated to help pay for the gas.

One of the toilets was discovered to be leaking and ran up the water bill. Something will be installed to prevent that from happening again which it could when nobody is there.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girl Scouts

Ken Sowards giving a talk about the fort and Loramie's store to a group of Girl Scouts and their leader Jeanne Buccigross and accompanying adults from Oxford; Janet Church, Kelly Church, Lianne Novak, Zoe Caswell, MacKenzie Chumley and Cassandra Huff.