Thursday, September 25, 2014


                                         Hay bales East of town.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Don't forget the Greenville Treaty Line and Sycamore Tree dedication Sept. 28 at 1 pm in the elementary school. The museum will be open for those who may not want to walk out to the monument.

Many came to see the artifacts from the Fleckenstein Farm at German Heritage Days.
Monty Mercer of Englewood, was the winner of a copy of our book "Main Street and Beyond".

Anyone wanting to help out with the Christmas dinners this year call Alice Barhorst at 937-295-3553.  You may help as much or as little as you wish. We need people to hang greenery, fold napkins, set tables, and many other things. Some of us won't be able to help this year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It happened in September

On September 2, 1927 a meeting was held in the township hall for the purpose of getting better telephone service.

September 7, 1934 the Herman Gaier grocery was shut down.

     The Basinburg schoolhouse was sold at public sale to George Dues of Newport for $210

     Ed Larger broke his arm cranking his car.

On September 12, 1930, WJ Borchers sold his filling station to Aloysius Ernst.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Greg Shipley, who has been excavating the fort site on the Fleckenstein farm will be in our tent at Heritage Days on Friday evening the 19th to display some of the artifacts he and his crew have uncovered.

The Ft. Loramie School Wall of Honor Induction ceremony will be held 21 Sept. at 2 pm in the high school gym. Shirley Larger, Irene Boerger, Jeffrey Hoying will be the new inductees.

If you would like to help out with the Christmas dinners contact Alice Barhorst at 937-295-2659.

More information on events can be found on our Facebook page.