Monday, June 24, 2013

Bell photo

Quilt photo


The Wilderness Trail Museum is open 1-4 every Sunday in June, July and August. The public is invited to come in and visit or do research.

June 21st the GOBA (Greater Ohio Biking Adventure) tour came through town on their way from New Bremen to Sidney. They took the scenic route past the lake. More than 15 of them stopped at the museum. They all seemed interested in the history of the building and the area. We sold 2 books and got some donations. One of the bikers told us they have participants from many other states and countries including Japan.

The front of the church is being re-landscaped. The white concrete fence in front will be taken down and the museum will be acquiring pieces of it that will be installed in the backyard.  It is uncertain how old the fence is but a post card mailed in 1907 with a photo of the church doesn't have it.  It was repainted in 1919 probably for the homecoming of the troops from WWI.

The bell and tower from the old school have been sitting in the backyard along with a capstone from the school. There are plans to have a plaque fixed to the capstone. There are also plans for the bricks from the old school. They have a second historical connection. They were made at Wagler's Brickyard in Fort Loramie.

Fort Loramie Main Street and Beyond has sold so well that we will soon be out of copies. It would cost too much to have it reprinted so we are looking into e-books so it can be read on Kindle or Nook. Like it or not e-books are the future.

We have received donations from the Kroger Rewards program. Call Jim Rosengarten if you need help signing up.

Back in 1976 members of the community made squares for a huge quilt to benefit the Rescue Squad. Each square portrayed a local building. The museum ended up with the quilt. It would be nice to know who made the squares. If you made one of them or know who did let us know.

The Legion has a nice display of letters from soldiers in the wars. They also have done video interviews with several local men who were in the military. This can be seen whenever they are open or by getting in touch with Mr. Moore who would love to tell you all about it.

Jack Dillehay is looking for pictures of his father when he was a teacher and principal at the school. He also wants photos of the ball teams he coached. All he has are newspaper pictures and would like to find originals. A Mr. Nutt has been told that his Aunt Emma once dated the notorious John Dillinger. Does anybody know anything about it?

Local families whose ancestors came from the town of Steinfeld in the Duchy of Oldenburg now the state of Niedersachsen: Balster, Barhorst, Borgarding, one of the Bergmans, one of the Horstmans, Nieberding and Olberding.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Old photo

Second from the left is supposed to be Boy Brucken.  Who are the other guys?

June story

In June of 1937 a Mr. Quinn of Sidney filed suit in Montgomery County claiming his bridge was stolen.  The iron bridge that stood about a mile north of  Ft. Loramie had been a part of the interurban railway that once ran from Minster to Ft. Loramie. 

Mr. Quinn sued the Union Paper Stock Company that he said cut up his bridge and Duberstein Iron and Metal that hauled it away.  The article in the Minster Post did not say on what grounds Mr. Quinn claimed the bridge was his.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ft. Loramie in June

Town is a busy place today.  Some major digging is going on in front of the church.  Cement trucks are in evidence.  Hamburgers and brats are being grilled outside Wagner's as every Friday there and at the store in Minster.  Worth stopping for.  The library has programs all summer.  Today a Bruckner Nature Center representative was talking to the children about animals and brought some snakes. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boerger Pictorial History

Harry Boerger, who now lives in Florida, has collected hundreds of photos of local Ft. Loramie and Newport scenes and wants to make them available to the public.  He has been putting them on CD's and has finished 2 of them.  They can be had by emailing him at  Each CD costs $15 or 2 for $25.  Shipping is included.  Any profit he makes will go to Right to Life.

In the future some will be available at local businesses and some of the pictures can be seen right now on the Fish Report.