Monday, May 24, 2010


Looking south on Main St.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Newsletter

Newsletter May 2010

The meeting was held May 20 at the museum and the possible painting
of the metal roof was discussed and ways to decorate the ouside of the
country store for Christmas. Since the new siding was put on there is
no way to attach wreaths. Hanging icycles from the gutter was suggested.

The Ft. Loramie sign has been installed north of town next to the Fleckenstein farm. It was originally on the town line but this is a good place for it.

The file cabinets we got from the old school sale have become accidentally
locked. If there is a key it's probably inside. We need someone who knows
how to pick locks.

Each state is supposed to have 2 statues in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol.
Ohio is due another one and the National Aviation Heritage Area is pulling
for the Wright Bros. There are other candidates and you can vote for your
preference on the Ohio Historical Society website.

Jean Rosengarten is doing a good job with the landscaping and Tom
Busse has been busy painting, repairing, waxing floors, and oiling
woodwork. He reported that his sister, Ann, who has been living with her
son, Josh, in Cleveland, suffered a health problem recently but she is
recovering nicely.

The typewriter display will be ready for the summer and there will be other
changes. You will see some new things and more are planned. Rosie,
the manniquin in the dress shop, will be getting a new dress and wig.

If anybody has any ideas for displays for the future please don't be shy
about sharing them. It doesn't have to be elaborate and there can be
more than one at a time. It's a big building with lots of rooms.

Photographs can be donated and copied and the originals returned to the

It isn't too early to think about the Christmas dinners. If you are interested
in attending or helping out this year call Dorothy Quinlin at 937-295-2659. If you have been before you will get a letter later in the year.

Monday, May 17, 2010

More foreign origins

Fischer, Dreherwald, kr Tecklenburg
Fleck, Merrheim, Meisenheim, Hesse-Bamberg
Fleckenstein, Bavaria
Fortman, Lohne, Oldenburg
Freking, Oldenburg
Frey, Damme, Oldenburg
Freytag, Eisenach
Friemering, Oldenburg
Frilling, Oythe
Gaerke, Hannover
Gagel, Nusloch
Gaier/Geier, Neudorf, Baden (Rita)
Gariety/Carity, France
Garmann, Halverda
Gast, Ober-Elsass
Gausepohl, Damme, Oldenburg
Gerling, Lingen, Hannover
Gels, Broegbern amt Lingen, Hannover
Giere, Holdorf, Damme, Oldenburg
Grieshop, Dinklage?, Oldenburg
Grothaus, Bromsheide, Hannover
Gudenkauf, Vechta, Oldenburg
Gudorf, Prussia