Monday, October 31, 2011

More foreign origins

Schaefer - Neudorf, Baden
Schemmel - Telgte, Westfalen?
Scherberding - Oldenburg
Schilmiller - Oldenburg
Schilz - Luxemburg or Belgium
Schlarman - Hannover
Schlater - Hannover
Schlosser - Beimede, Meschede, Westfalen
Schmieder - Rust, Baden
Schmitmeyer - Hannover
Schmuecker - Beimede, Prussia
Schroeder - Aschen, Hannover
Schrolucke - Ladbergen, Westfalen
Schuler - (Anton & Wilhelm) Luxemburg
Schuler - Hohenzollern
Schuler - France
Schulze - (Heinrich) Hannover
Schulze - (Johan) Oldenburg
Schunk - Schmittweiler, Lauterecken, Rheinpfalz
Schurman - Westfalen
Schwarz - Baden
Seger - Dinklage, Oldenburg
Sextro - Dinklage, Oldenburg
Sherman - Prussia
Short - Virginia
Siegel - Baden
Smackes - Hannover
Sommer - Hannover?
Stang - Remagen, Rhein-Pruessen
Stange - Prussia
Staley - North Carolina
Steineman - Holdorf, Oldenburg
Steinlage - Neuenkirchen bei Hülsen, Hannover
Sturwold - Lauing, Lönigen, Oldenburg
Surman - Oldenburg

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wagon photo

Written on the side is: "Manufactured for Barney Krampe, Ft. Loramie, Ohio by the Birdsell Mfg. Company, South Bend Indiana". Supposedly only 3 exist. One is in the Ford Museum.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011


Reservations are filling up for the Christmas dinners. Several clever people have volunteered to decorate the museum this year. If you would like to help with the dinners contact Dorothy Quinlin. Even if you can only come in for an hour to help fold napkins or set tables or wash dishes it will be a big help.

The dinners are on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of December at the museum. This is the 38th year and our only money-making project. For reservations or information call Dorothy Quinlin at 937-295-2659. If you attended last year you got a letter in the mail.

The third grade classes of Mrs. Wehrman, Mrs. Bolin and Mrs. Luebke visited the museum and were shown around by volunteers.

The historical association participated in German Heritage Days and many people came into our tent and looked at the old photos and artifacts. The school yearbooks were a big hit as usual. The drawing for 2 free dinners was won by Connie Wallenhorst of Middle Point OH. Dick Boerger's book, Julie's Rose, sold very well along with many of our other publications.

If you would like to become a member contact Sheila Quinlin at 937-295-4019 or mail to Box 276, Ft. Loramie OH, 45845. Dues are only $10 and if you join now your membership will be good through 2012. And, of course, donations are always appreciated.

Karen Anthony is looking for photos of the pioneers of the Ft. Loramie, Newport, St. Patrick's area. Contact her at 937-295-2353 or

Catherine Wolken is looking for pictures of the one-room schools and the classes. The schools were Basinburg, Deiters, Dirksen, Grisez, Hopewell, St. Patrick's, Sherman, Short, and Walkup. Contact or 419-628-2481.

We need old photos, stories, diaries, etc. for the book we want to publish next year. We can scan and copy old photos and return them. Even if you don't know who the people in the photos are we can compare them with other pictures and possibly identify them.