Saturday, April 27, 2013


The plumbing has been fixed and the water turned back on.  The restrooms are once again functional.

We received 2 old photos from Larry Monroe of Apple Valley California.  One is of the canal boat in Newport and the other is a picture of a street in Newport.  He also sent a donation.

Harry Boerger is planning to visit this area in the middle of May.  He lives in Florida.

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum will be open Saturdays 1-4 starting May 4th.  June 15th, 9-4 there will be a gathering and display of antique boats, motors and fishing tackle at Earl's Pavilion.  July 13th pontoon boat rides 1-4 starting from Earl's Island.  Both free events.  For information or if you have any artifacts to donate call the park office at 937-295-2011.  The museum is on Rt. 362 across from the swimming beach.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sherman School 1953

Row 1 top - George Barhorst, Mary Seger, Tom Eilerman, Ellen Eilerman, Eddie Barhorst, Irene Wappelhorst.

Row 2 - Karen Pleiman, Ben Geise, Pat Eilerman, Ionia Siegel

Row 3 - Helen Siegel, Vernon Siegel, Margie Marshall, Arthur Cetone (teacher), Barb Barhorst, Art Seger, Margaret Siegel.

Row 4 - Margie Wappelhorst, Richie Eilerman, Jeannette Siegel, Ted Barhorst, Marie Seger, Don Wappelhorst.

Sherman Special School

On June 22, 1850 the qualified voters of McLean Township, School District No. 4 met at the house of Henry Sherman. He was elected clerk and John Rottinghaus was elected treasurer. It was resolved by the board that an 18x18 foot schoolhouse be built on the North East corner of the land owned by Henry Sherman. An agreement was entered with John Sherman for building the schoolhouse for which he was to receive $25 when the building was completed.

In 1851 the 25 to 32 scholars were taught for 4 months by William Sherman and 2 months by Henry Sherman for which they were paid $14 a month. Subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, English grammar and German language.

In 1883 the district became Sherman Special School District. The present Sherman School was built on the corner of Barhorst Rd. and Rt. 705 in Section 10 of McLean Township in 1903. The contract went to Ben Gerling and Louis Ley of Minster for $1,947.09.

The school closed in 1954 and the students transferred to Ft. Loramie. The children living at Shorts and Filburn's Landings at Lake Loramie attended Sherman School until 1951. The building is now a house.

Starting in 1914 students were taken to school by wagon and sled. The contract was put out for bids and there was only one bid which was rejected so it was put up again and 2 people bid on it. James Chambers promised to do it for $2.35 a day and the board had to provide the wagon. The contract went to William Combs for $2.25 a day. James Chambers conveyed pupils to school from 1917 to 1919 and Elmer Chambers held the job from then until 1936.

Some of the teachers:

Timothy Sullivan - 1888
John Barhorst - 1889
F.J. Kohls - 1891
John Barhorst - 1894-1895
H.J. Sherman - 1895-1898
William J. Borger - 1899
Frank Niederkorn - 1903-1907
Louis Brucken - 1908-1910
Florian Notheis - 1910-1913
Marie Trimpe - 1913-1915
Florian Notheis - 1915-1918
Pauline Ernst - 1918-1919
Joseph Gigandet - 1919-1924
Alma Gigandet - 1924-1926
Robert Gigandet - 1926-1930
Charles Sharp - 1930-1932
Irene Behrns - 1932 for one month
Charles Sharp - 1932-1933
Herbert Walter - 1933-1935
Florence Sommer - 1935-1941
JoeKloecker - 1941-1947
Ruth Carter Barhorst - 1947-1950
Arthur Cetone - 1950-1954.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Note of appreciation

Joyce Alig, President of Mercer County Historical, read our book, "Fort Loramie, Main Street and Beyond", and sent this:

"Going through your new book about Fort Loramie has been a true pleasure.
First, the cover and the quality of the pages and the neatness of the presentation and the highlights of color throughout this book are quite impressive, especially for a book addressing a local history of a community. Your Fort Loramie Historical Association can be most proud of this book."

Museum news

Sometime during the winter the sump pump in the museum broke down and the basement was flooded with 10 inches of water.  The pump has been replaced but we lost 2 water heaters.  Donations would be appreciated.

It probably seems like we need something all the time but it is an old building and needs constant maintenance.  Everytime we turn around something else breaks down.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inside Bruckens

Let me know if you know who any of these people are.

It happened in April

1919 - Ohio State Senator Ake introduced a bill banning German from the public schools.

The village school children celebrated Arbor Day by planting 2 weeping birch trees in honor of former pupils, Louis Daniel and Grover Cox, both casualties in WWI.

1947 - After 30 years the Village Beautiful Club voted to change its name to the Agenda Club.

1943 - The Bureau of Mines revealed that dolomite, an ore needed for the manufacture of war weapons, was discovered in several locations in Shelby County.