Friday, February 25, 2011

February newsletter

The February meeting was held in the museum on February 17th. There was some concern that there would be too much ice and snow piled up at the curb for some of us to get into the building but the village came and plowed it up. It's been a long and cold winter but the heating bill shows that our winterizing efforts were successful.

The new furnace for the music room is still in the planning stages and will be done in the spring by Tom & Jerry's. It was pointed out that there should be safety valves on the two gas furnaces so something will be done about that. We would also like to have the old dumb waiter removed.

There will be an article about us in the Progress supplement in the Sidney Daily News written by Jim Rosengarten.

Long-time member, Esther Borchers, has moved to Heritage Manor in Minster. If you would like to send her a card the address is 24 N. Hamilton, Minster OH 45865.

As the weather improves volunteers will be removing the Christmas decorations and generally getting things in order for opening this summer. Tom Busse has been cleaning and painting again this time in the walk-in cooler in the kitchen. The museum is lucky to have him and others who donate time and money. The county commissioners will be unable to give us any money again this year.

Summer hours will once again be Sundays from 1-4 from the beginning of June until the end of August. One can visit other times by calling Dorothy Quinlin 937-295-2659 or Karen Anthony 937-295-2353.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tobias Roop

Tobias Roop was a farmer in McLean Twp, born in Pennsylvania. He died in December of 1879 at age 65 and reportedly weighed 460 pounds. It took 200 feet of lumber to make his coffin and several hundred people visited the undertaker just to view the casket. He was buried in the Walkup or Roop cemetery at the intersection of 705 and Brandewie Rd.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More foreign origins

Lachey/Lachet, Bordeaux, France
Lamm, Kappelrobeck, Baden
Lammers, (Ft. L) Bahwinkel amt Lingen, Hannover
Lammers, Ostbevern, Westphalen
Lange, Hannover
Laufersweiler, Derbach, Rhein-Pruessen
Lehmann, Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace
Lehmkuhl, Hannover ?
Lennartz, Hoch Neuenkirchen
Lenz, Prussia
Lem, Rhein-Pruessen
Liening, Oldenburg
Linder, Ottingen, Ober-Elsass
Luebke, Damme, Oldenburg
Lump, Baden
Macke, Dummerlohausen, Damme, Oldenburg
Maurer, Allersburg, Bavaria
Menke, Oldenburg
Menker, Westfalen
Menkhaus, Hannover
Mertz, Ellinangen, Wurtemburg
Meyer, Hohenzollern
Meyer, Hunteburg, Hannover
Meyer, Neuenkirchen-Vorden, Oldenburg
Middendorf, Walstedde, Westfalen
Moorman, Oldenburg
Muhlenkamp, Billerbeck, Westfalen
Mueller, Neudorf, Baden
Muller Rhein-Pruessen
Nieberding, Steinfeld, Oldenburg
Niederkorn, Luxemburg
Niekamp, Essen, Oldenburg
Niemeyer, Emsburen, Amt Lingen, Hanover
Notheis, Wurtemburg