Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Irish

Since St. Patrick's day is on March 17th I thought I would address the Irish immigrants to this area. Many Irish came here to work on the canal and moved on but some stayed. St. Patrick's and McCartyville were named for them. The children who went to St. Patrick's School were given St. Patrick's Day off in honor of the saint their school was named for.

Michael Quinlin and Bridget Ronan immigrated from Ireland. She came in 1856. They settled in McLean Twp. on a farm in the Sherman School District. Their children were, William (a pharmacist in Ft. Loramie), Mary, who married a Doorley, John, Thomas, Joseph, James, Alice, Edmund, and Emma. There may have been more. William Quinlin also served as mayor.

John Walkup was born in Ireland and married Mary Edwards in 1856. He was a farmer in Walkup School District. Children were Thomas, Joseph, Milton or Newton, Margaret and Nancy. Thomas was a physician in Ft. Loramie.

Another Irish family were the Moyers who lived in Cynthian Twp. and came from Ireland by way of Pennsylvania. These are only a few.