Sunday, December 6, 2015

Posted During the Annual Christmas Dinners 2015
In Memory of:

Catherine Wolken

This first blog written since Catherine's death is dedicated in memory of her and the time and love she put into this blog for the Fort Loramie Historical Association and to Fort Loramie itself. A retired school teacher who loved painting, her cats and genealogy projects (a history blogger too, go figure, huh?) has been sorely missed by many members of the Fort Loramie Historical Society since her passing. Her previous posts are still available and more info on her obituary can be found at:

George Sowards

A donation in honor of George Sowards was given recently to the Fort Loramie Historical Association. His family chose to remember him in his obituary as a veteran, hunter, Christian and loving grandfather. The Fort Loramie Historical Association is honored to receive this donation made in his name and more info on George can be found in his obituary at: