Friday, April 23, 2010

April 2010 newsletter

The annual dinner was held April 18th. The speaker was Lynn Smith who
told us something about the history of bicycles and showed a video of
people riding various kinds of antique bikes. He brought along his own
antique high wheel bicycle. Lynn is also involved with the Bicycle Museum
on the corner of 66 and 274 in New Bremen.

Charlotte Smith filled us in on events planned at the Lake Loramie Heritage
Museum this summer. A program on gardening will be held on May 1 by
members of the Shelby County Master Gardeners. June 12 will be a
program on boats, motors and fishing lures. On July 17 members will be
giving pontoon rides around the lake. On Sept. 18 a program on digital
photography by photographer Bob Huecker of Minster will coincide with the
Fall Festival. The museum, in the old lake office across from the swimming
beach, will be open every Sat. from 1- 4 beginning May 1. For information
call 419-628-2024. Admission and events are free.

A highway sign was found in the town's buildings and refurbished by Don
Gusching and will be reinstalled at the north end of town.

We had thought we were out of Sesquecentennial books but a box of hard-
cover copies was found buried in the storeroom and they will be going on
sale in the museum

Tom Busse did an excellent job of painting the dress shop. The plaster had
been peeling off the walls in some places and we are hoping the new paint
job will stop that from happening in the future. Alice Barhorst and Catherine
Wolken will be redecorating

A display will be set up containing the antique typewriters that belong to the
museum and also any other office-related items that can be found. If you
have anything you would like to donate either temporarily or permanently
call 419-628-2481. I am still looking for a manual typewriter that you don't
care about for the kids to try out when they come in. Anything office-related
will be welcome - books, photos, dictating machines, staplers, pens, stories,
anything related to shorthand. Even a very early computer would be good.

The Wilderness Trail Museum will be open every Sunday from 1-4 from the
first Sunday in June to the last Sunday in August. We will be putting out
some new things and hope to have more events and displays in the future
but we need new members with new ideas or just people who want to help.
Money-making ideas would be welcome in particular. You do not need to
live in Ft. Loramie to be a member. Dues are $10.00 a year.

Board members are Rosemary Brussell 937-295-2863, Dorothy Quinlin
937-295-2659, Sheila Quinlin, Alice Barhorst 937-295-3553,
Jim Rosengarten 937-295-3998.