Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Newsletter, June 2010

The June meeting of the Ft. Loramie Historical Association was held on
the 17th in the Wilderness Trail Museum.

Laura Paulus suggested that we appoint a couple of new board members
since one has had to drop out and another has passed away. It was also
suggested that a board meeting be held since it has been some time since
there was one.

Rita Hoying, well-known local historian, will be holding a genealogy
program at the museum on a Sunday afternoon in early August. A notice
will go to the blog and the newspapers when the date is narrowed down.
Rita knows more about the origins of the settlers in the area than anybody
and her programs are always well attended.

The late Bob Boerger collected arrowheads from the family farm, some of
which go back 10,000 years. His family has decided to donate his collection
to the school and Frank Boerger, Ken Sowards, Jack Hoying, Dave Warvel,
and Tom Barhorst. are putting together a permanent display that will be
installed in the high school.

Tom Busse has been doing some patching on the doors and windows.
and Jean Rosengarten's landscaping is looking good. Someone noticed
that racoons have been hanging out in the garden but someone else thinks
that a cat and her kittens have been nesting under the deck.
We figured out how the file cabinets became accidentally locked and a key
has been found that opens them.

Mildred Frilling visited the museum recently to do research on the Clemens
Hilgefort family.

Jim and Rosemary Brussell donated a flat screen monitor and Jim hooked
up the computer in the country store so now we can print out documents
and store information and pictures. We could use a scanner-printer or a
photo-copier. If you are upgrading and are planning to donate such things
think of us. Donations are tax deductible.

There were eleven visitors to the museum on Sunday the 13th. We are open
during the summer on Sundays from 1 - 4 pm. Come in and look around or
just visit and gossip and talk history or genealogy.
New members are always welcome and ideas for fund raising, events and