Sunday, August 8, 2010

German resources

Resources for German genealogy.

Emigrants from the former Amt Damme, Oldenburg
(the former Duchy of Oldenburg)

History of the emigrants from the former Amt Damme

Emslanders to the American Midwest
(Kreis Emsland is next door to the Netherlands.
Main towns are Meppen & Lingen)

The German Genealogy Network
(A whole lot of this is in German but it's a large database of people
who left different parts of Germany)

Auswanderer aus Vechta (emigrants from KreisVechta, Niedersachsen)

Germany in the 1871 Borders
(the way Germany looked when most of our ancestors left)

Family History Group, (town of Dinklage)

World Roots (list of German occupations)

Codes for umlauts and other diacritical marks on keyboard

German church records. The Mormon Church has some of the Catholic
records in towns in Oldenburg. You may have to order the microfilms.
The Dayton chapter has the actual films on hand.

States of Germany. (modern German states)

Wright State University
(among other things they have naturalization records. You have to go there to see them)

Google any town in Germany. They all have websites