Saturday, January 22, 2011

January newsletter

Due to the weather a meeting was not held this month.

We have received a donation to install a furnace with air
conditioner in the music room. It will be welcome in winter
or summer since the two heaters in there are ancient and
no longer function.

The furnace has been turned down and the water turned
off in the museum for the winter to save energy. The
museum will be open as usual in the summer on Sundays
from 1-4 and tours can be arranged for other times by
calling Dorothy Quinlin at 937-295-2659 or Jim Rosengarten
at 937-295-3998 or any of the other officers.

I would like to do a display this year on the German town
of Dinklage. Many of our local ancestors came from there
including Barlage, Bramlage, Bornhorst, Hilgefort, Grieshop,
Prenger, Seger and Sextro. If you know of any others let me
know. If you know of anyone doing research on these
families, If you are a descendant or have any photos of the
immigrant ancestors please contact me at 419-628-2481 or I can copy photos and return them.
I have pictures of the Hilgefort ancestors but photos of the
others would be nice.

Minster Historical will be doing a display on the Civil War
this year and is looking for related artifacts. If you have
anything you would like to loan temporarily you can call
Mary Oldiges at 419-628-4600 or