Friday, May 6, 2011

New history book

The Historical Association is writing a new history book to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the town. If you own a business or run a non-profit organization in Ft. Loramie or McLean Twp. perhaps you would like to write a brief history telling what you do, who started it, when and where, etc. For examples check out the sesquecentennial history book.

Also if you own a farm that has been in the same family for at least 100 years and would like to write a brief history telling who owned it down the years we might want to use that for the book. Or we may use it some other way. A picture of the farm would be good. Many people had arial photos made.

For information contact Jim Rosengarten at 937-295-3998.

If you like to write we could use somone to write a history of Lake Loramie or the canal or the interurban railway or if you have any other ideas contact Jim.