Friday, November 18, 2011


Karen Anthony and Alice Barhorst could use a couple more volunteers to help upstairs during the dinners. Call Karen at 295-2353 or Alice at 295-3553.

The Christmas dinners are mostly sold out. There are about 10 more spaces. Call Dorothy Quinlin at 295-2659.

The front of the museum has been decorated beautifully by Larry Warren who updated the wreaths and the other outdoor decorations.

We have acquired several new members and monetary donations. Also Pam Carter has donated a sauerkraut crock and a poster showing how sauerkraut is made. She and her son Matt have done a lot of work cleaning up and organizing the barn.

Wesley Kiefer has made a model that represents the way Peter Loramie's trading post might have looked and would like to donate it to the museum.

The gas valve in the fireplace in the millinery room will have to be replaced. It is so hard to move that there is a possibility it won't close all the way causing obvious problems.

The Ft. Loramie Chamber will be holding their family Christmas Dec. 11th. The museum will be open.

There won't be a meeting in December.