Friday, December 30, 2011

One-room schools

These schools in McLean Twp. and Cynthian Twp. became part of the Ft. Loramie School District except for Deiters and Dirksen that were merged into Minster District. Looking for information, pictures, names of teachers, etc. We can copy photos and return them. Or you can scan and email them to us yourself. Let me know what you have and we can tell you if we don't already have it.

Basinburg - Rt. 66 & Loy. Lindhaus Grove was behind it. Nobody seems to remember this school.

Deiters - East of Minster on Wilkins-Fortman & Schmitmeyer-Baker. Closed in 1928.

Dirksen - Dirksen Rd. just south of Auglaize Co. line.

Grisez - Brandewie & Loy Rd. Cynthian Twp. Closed 1936.

Hopewell - Cecil Rd. in Cynthian Twp. Closed in 1950.

St. Patrick

Sherman - Barhorst Rd. & Rt. 705. Closed in 1954.

Short - Galley Rd. Cynthian Twp. Closed in 1936.

Walkup - Rt. 705 & Brandewie. Closed in 1950.