Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May newsletter

The museum will be open as usual this summer on Sundays from 1 to 4 in June, July and August. Admission is free. Tours can be arranged for other times and the museum is available for anyone doing genealogical research. We encourage the public to drop in and visit. There will be some new displays including the giant quilt made in 1976 by members of the community for the Bicentennial.

The heavy three-part mirror in the dress shop that fell over and broke in 2011 has been ably repaired by Ted Bornhorst and returned to its usual position. There are plans to anchor it to the wall. Tom Busse has been painting and repairing.

A new sump pump and two water heaters have been installed. The water is back on and the restrooms once again operational. Rapid Development replaced the roof and donated their labor. Also several people donated money for both of these projects.

We have had several donations this year that are much appreciated. We survive on what we make from the Christmas dinners and donations and the sale of our books. Local people have been generous with their time and money. Their support reflects how much they care about the preservation of their history. Remember that if you shop at Kroger's or work at Walmart you can get donations for the museum.

A project we could use help with is a sound system so we could play Christmas music through the building. Our sound system at the moment consists of two broken cassette players and a couple of antique speakers. Another thing we need is a new website or an update of the old one.

The meeting was attended by former resident, Harry Boerger and his wife, Rita. Harry has collected hundreds of photos of local scenes and is planning to make them available to the public on CD's.

A bike tour is expected to run through town on June 21st and we expect to be open for that.

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