Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Fort Loramie Community Fire Department

The Fort Loramie Community Fire Company Inc. was formed in the year 1883 when Rev. William Bigot was instrumental in the purchase of a hand-operated pump just after the newly built Raterman sawmill burned to the ground.  A gasoline pump was acquired in 1910.  Both pumps were mounted on horse-drawn wagons but since the fire department had no horses they borrowed the Danzig Funeral Home horses that were stabled next door.  The first motorized pumper was acquired in 1928.  Equipment has been upgraded many times over the years.

The Fort Loramie Community Fire Company covers approximately 90 square miles in Shelby County including  Cynthian, McLean and Turtle Creek Townships along with the Village of Fort Loramie.

There have been only 8 fire chiefs:

Stephen Kirner  1883 - 1894
J.C. Quatman  1894 - 19017
John Raterman  1901 - 1932
August Gaier Sr.  1932 - 1961
Vernon Frey  1961 - 1973
Theodore Wendeln  1973 - 1985
Jerome Barhorst  1985 - 2009
Brad Schulze  2009 - present