Saturday, June 21, 2014

Outdoor Adventures at Lake Loramie

This joint event by Fort Loramie Historical, Minster Historical Society and Lake Loramie Heritage will be held July 12 from 1 to 5 at Earl's Island Pavilion. Annual free pontoon boat rides will be a part of this event. Also a display of lake related artifacts, old photos, a slide show and music by Irene Doenges.

At 3:30 there will be a special program, "Lake Stories and Tall Tales". Master of Ceremony will be Bob Lammers. Come and share your own experiences.


The Main Street Book has been reprinted in paperback and is available at the museum or the Silver Cross. 

Our ancient kitchen faucets have been replaced by Jim Rosengarten with some help from Don Gusching. Tom Busse has been painting and repairing. It's so nice to have people who know how to do things like this.

The ceremony to place the monument to commemorate the Greenville Treaty Line will be held in September. The date still isn't set.

Books for sale

 Follow the Blue Blazes, by Robert Pond is a guide to hiking Ohio's Buckeye Trail. He lays out the chapters by areas of the state with featured hikes and maps.  He also has advice on safety, packing and local contacts. Everything you need to know. The blue blazes are markings on trees that show the way.

Louis Lorimier in the American Revolution, 1777-1782, introduction, translation and commentary by Paul L. Stevens. The memoirs of Peter Loramie, French-Canadian trader for whom Ft. Loramie is named.

Annals of St. Michaels, by Rev. Wilhelm Bigot who was pastor here between 1874 and 1905. He built the current church and was very interested in local history. This is from his writings which were done in German in 1903 and translated  by Pauline Ernst Seger in 1976. There is a description of the building of the church and who donated what. Also a lot on village businesses of the time.

Turp and Eb, by Albert Freytag consists of his memories and those of his friend Turp (Urban) Raterman. It's all about their youthful experiences in and around Ft. Loramie and the people they knew.