Thursday, August 21, 2014

It happened in August

In 1912 Willman's Department Store was destroyed by fire . They leased temporary quarters in the Tecklenburg Hotel for groceries and in the Knights of St. John Hall for dry goods. A new store opened in November 1913.

In 1931 Bertha Larger established a beauty parlor in Mrs. Clara Hasebrook's residence.

In 1934 concrete was being poured for the new spillway at the lake.

In 1936 an oil well was being drilled on the Ben Zircher farm near Newport. According to Larry Monroe, "The storage tank for that oil well on the Zircher farm was still standing in the 50's when the school bus dropped off the 3 Zircher kids. I'm fairly sure the well was no longer producing but the tank was there. At that time there was still some gas production from area wells".

In 1943 a storm dropped between 4 and 6 inches of rain on the area filling basements and destroying some crops. It was said to be the worst flooding since the 1913 flood.