Saturday, April 28, 2012

April newsletter

Jim Rosengarten conducted a tour for the Girl Scouts recently. Six residents of the St. Marys Living Center and their activities director, Marge Luedeke, were given a tour of the museum on April 24th by Dorothy Quinlin, Karen Anthony, Alice Barhorst, and Catherine Wolken.

Tom Busse has been painting, fixing and waxing floors. He has also been visiting Goodwill and has replenished the supply of dishes, glassware and silverware that we need for the Christmas dinners. Alice Barhorst has been coming in and cleaning and dusting. Some new displays will be set up for summer.

The spouting on the corner of the building by Dairy King had come loose. Rapid Development fixed it and did a bit of patching on the roof. The roof will be needing replacement soon.

Ernest and Charmain Fogt donated a wagon once owned by Barney Krampe, farm implement owner here a long time ago. Jim Rosengarten and Ted Barhorst went and picked it up. It is in bad shape and the underneath part and the wheels are replacements but Jim hopes to save the box. We only know of 4 of his wagons. One is ours. One is in the Ford museum. Another belongs to a local person. This one was made by Fish Brothers of Racine WI.

Shelby County Historical has set up a display in the Ross Historical building in Sidney showcasing the various museums in the county. Our museum is prominently displayed as well as Botkins, Jackson Center and Anna.

The Minster Historical Society has had the old copies of the Minster Post put on their website. They run from 1894 to 1965. Until October 1918 they are in German. Even if you aren't doing research it's interesting to go through and see what people were doing back then. Read the gossip column to find out what your ancestors were up to. If you know when someone died you can find their obituary. If you are a fan of horrible accidents you'll find a lot of those. See what was going on here during the wars, depression and prohibition. Read letters home by soldiers during WWI. This is going to cost them so if you use it a lot it would be nice to show your appreciation and send a small donation. Their address is on their website.

Speaking of websites we would like to have a proper one set up for us but the cost is prohibitive right now. It isn't cheap but if anyone would like to donate a sum for that purpose coordinate with Jim Rosengarten.

The Lake Loramie Heritage Museum will be open on Saturday afternoons beginning May 5, 2012. There will be three special events days: June 16 - Antique Boats, Motors, Fishing Lures and Equipment at Earl's Island Pavilion from 9-4pm. July 14 - Historic Pontoon Boat Rides on Lake Loramie at Earl's Island Pavilion 2pm no raindate. August 11 - Digital photography with Bob Huecker, professional photographer. Bring your camera. Pictures will be printed and suggestions offered. All events are free and open to the public. The museum is on Rt. 362 just past the campground on the left. For information call 419-628-2024.

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