Friday, April 27, 2012

Grisez School

This is supposed to be the third grade at Grisez Special School 1930. I'm suspicious. There would not be this many children in one grade in a rural school. There would only be this many in the whole school. It doesn't look as if there are any older kids in this picture. I welcome input since this is the only picture I have from this school.

Row 1 - Virginia York, Evelyn York, Leona Deloye, Virginia Boerger, Marcella Sherman, , Mildred Barhorst, Amelia Deloye, Evelyn Barhorst.
Row 2 - Edward York, Richard Sherman, Eugene Sherman, Albert Boerger, Aloys Larger, Frank Thomas.
Row 3 - Elmer Grisez, Herbert Larger, Elmer Larger, Floyd Thomas, Robert Edwards, Floyd Thomas, Paul Deloy, Richard Barhorst.
The teacher was Goldie Martin (not in picture).