Saturday, August 18, 2012


The museum will be open 2 more Sundays. Stop in and visit. There is always someone interesting to talk to. The barn is available for viewing. There are larger things in there including the Barney Krampe wagons.

Dues are $10.00 a year and we accept donations which are tax deductible. The roof will be needing repair.

Margie Barlage gave us a box of photos that she found in her house. Many are of the Raterman family. If you have photos you no longer want please do not throw them away. Even if you don't know who the people are or you think they aren't important the museum would love to have them. If you have photos you want to keep we can scan and return them.

Jim and Karen Anthony went to Europe this summer and while there they visited the grave of Pvt. Ralph Rieger who was killed in France in 1944 and buried in the Epinal American Cemetery in Epinal, France.

Harry Boerger is thinking of sharing his collection of old photos on line.

Christmas dinners this year will be November 29 and 30 and December 1 and 2. If you have attended before you have already received a letter. Otherwise you can contact Dorothy Quinlin. If you want to help you can contact anyone in the organization. We will begin decorating in October. Since the county isn't giving us money anymore this is our only money-making event.

German Heritage Days this year will be held on September 21, 22 and 23 in the middle of town. Don't worry about missing the football games. They have a large screen tv besides food and beer. As always there will be a German band. We will as usual have a tent so come in and view the artifacts and photos. There will be books for sale and we will be giving away 2 free Christmas dinners.

The community garage sales will be held Sept. 14 and 15. The Fall Festival at Lake Loramie will be the 14th to the 16th. Check the Ft. Loramie Chamber of Commerce website for information on community events. This is a busy time of year and a great time to visit historic Ft. Loramie.

A flag with 39 stars was found by Cyril Bergman in the old canal house in Newport. Does anybody know when it was and what happened to it?

The history book is moving along. We just need to generate some funding. If you were going to send an article to add the time is now.