Friday, July 19, 2013

It happened in July

In July of 1919 the cannon and cannon balls acquired by the Village Beautiful Club had arrived and were soon to be mounted in the canal park. Preparations were being made for the homecoming celebration for local WWI soldiers.  The cannon was melted down for the war effort in WWII.

In July of 1939 a meeting was held in Ft. Loramie between Mayors Slattery of Ft. Loramie, Drees of Minster and Dickman of New Bremen concerning the problem of speeding on Highway 66 and through the villages. Also attending was Sgt. Radcliff of the state highway patrol who promised to patrol as much as possible although lack of manpower made that difficult. Route Marking Superintendant Schwab of the state highway department also attended and promised to place reflectors at the north end of the village. The possibility of hiring a special officer with the villages contributing to the cost was discussed but nothing definite was decided since the stretch of highway lies in 2 counties. Residents of Ft. Loramie and Minster had been up in arms for some time complaining that their lives and the lives of their children were in danger.