Saturday, March 1, 2014


"Ft. Loramie, Main Street and Beyond" is being reprinted in paperback. It looks exactly like the hardback version and will be sold for $30 plus $2.18 tax. We can have as many or as few printed as we like. It can be bought from the historical association or at the Silver Cross in Ft. Loramie.

Jim Rosengarten recently spoke to the Maria Stein Cub Scouts and gave a tour for the Ft. Loramie Cub Scouts. He was also asked to write an article for the Progress supplement in the Sidney Daily News.

The Christmas decor has been taken down and put away and the museum is being polished up for summer visitors. 447 dinners were served during the four days of the event. The museum will be open as usual on Sunday afternoons in June, July and August. Groups wanting a tour and anyone wanting to do research can get in touch with one of us on the contact page.

The location of the sycamore tree that once marked the Greenville Treaty Line that runs through Ft. Loramie has been found using modern surveying technology.The tree is long gone but there are tentative plans for a monument on the spot and a ceremony. The line was laid out in 1795 to divide the lands reserved for the native tribes and the lands reserved for the settlers.