Monday, March 24, 2014

March updates

There will be no meeting in April due to Holy Thursday.

Thursday, May 15th we will be holding the annual meeting on our usual meeting day at 7:30 pm in the museum. Refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome. Dues are usually paid at that time. It's a good time to come and ask questions and tour the museum.

"Main Street and Beyond" can be bought for $30 plus $2.18 tax at the museum or at the Silver Cross. It is also available on Amazon by typing in "Ft. Loramie".

If you signed up for the Kroger Plus program that gives donations to the museum you have to re-sign up in May. You need an email address to sign up but you don't have to have a computer. A relative or friend who has one can get an email address for you.

Since the location of the sycamore tree that marked the Greenville Treaty line has been found a ceremony has been planned for September 28th and will be held probably in the elementary school. There will be speeches and afterward a memorial will be unveiled on the spot weather permitting. More information as time goes on.

There has been static on the phone line for some time and recently it stopped working altogether. NKTELCO has determined that the line leading to the building is fine so the problem is in the building. We will be stringing a new line.

Nominations are being sought for the Fort Loramie Education Foundation Wall of Honor. The deadline is June 1st. Contact information is on the school website.

The museum will be open this summer as usual on Sunday afternoons from 1-4 in June, July and August. Tours can be arranged at other times. Historical and genealogical research times can also be arranged.

(I'm passing this along)
John (Coach) Kremer will be 90 years old on April 17 and many people are sending him cards to help him celebrate the day.

His address is:
John Kremer
711 S. Walnut St.
Room 1035
New Bremen, OH  45869.

He is a resident at Elmwood Assisted Living.  He is mentally and physically very strong for a man of 90.
Anyway, I'm sure he would appreciate a card.  Please feel free to spread the word about his birthday.